Listen Live

We recommend you to use the webplayer as this will have the best quality for most of the times. If you are at home, open this website and click the ‘listen live’ button at the right.

For Europe listeners, you don’t have to do anything. If you are in the USA and want the best quality, click ‘Settings’ and change the ‘Quality’ to ‘High Quality (USA)’.



Windows Media





Christmas Hits Radio can also be found on Tunein Radio. Click here for the Tunein page or download the Tunein Radio app for your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Android App

Christmas Hits Radio has its own Android app. Download it here.

iPhone App

If you want to listen to Christmas Hits on your iPhone, be sure to download the ‘Radio Sinterklaas’ app. It’s the app from our friends of SinterklaasRadio, but it still plays Christmas Hits with the titles on it. Download it here.

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